An American Legacy

American Legacy Firearms rolls out the limited-edition NRA shotgun as it nears the home stretch in its quest to donate $1 million to the NRA.


Aaron Lewis - "Grandaddy's Gun"

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The 26-Yard Hunting Zero

Much has been written on the ideal distance to zero a hunting rifle. There is no best sight-in range for everyone, because the range at which hunters expect to shoot their quarry differs considerably. There is one technique, however, that should allow you to hold your crosshairs on the vitals of deer-sized game and keep the bullet inside the vital zone out to 280 yards—and Jeff Johnston's ready to share it with you.

Benelli Ethos Review

The Benelli Ethos, the newest semi-auto from the Italian gun manufacturer, has the edgy looks and modifications to the inertia-driven, rotating-bolt mechanism, but the cutting edge doesn't start there.

Review: Ruger American Rimfire

The Ruger American is a perfect example of the American tradition of firearm manufacturing and it's a hit with hunters, which is undoubtedly why Ruger recently introduced the American Rimfire.

Deer Hunting with Uberti

Sheriff Jim Wilson jumped at the chance to join Uberti for a hunt in Texas and put the company's High-Wall rifle to the test. How did he fare? Read on to find out.

Remington Model 783

Lest one think “cheaper” means cheap, think again. The Model 783 offers everything a hunter needs in a rifle: accuracy, dependability and a retail price that should inspire impulse buying.

Browning Citori 725 Feather

Browning sold its 1 millionth Citori in 2010. The 725 Feather reduces weight via its alloy receiver and thin-walled barrels.


By Jeff Johnston
February 08, 2013

When data from a Bloomberg-funded poll suggests NRA members are against guns, it's time to investigate.

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Jay wrote:
August 03, 2013

An ASSAULT RIFLE is a shouder fired gas operated select fire (safe semi burst/full auto) weapon of intermediate caliber ( as in not full rifle size and not pistol size) for use in engagements ranging from 5 meters to 300 meters with the majority occuring at or below 200 meters. this is not an AR or any MSR ( modern sporting rifle) or any weapon civilians can readily buy someone please pound this into the media and politicians heads for me

Charles wrote:
June 08, 2013

Life endowment member.--Here's a novel idea! How about a poll asking how many LIVES HAVE BEEN SAVED by the NRA. Safety traing programs, Police training, Eddie Eagle childrens training, military training, Hunter Safety training, Range safety training, Range Officer training, Self defence for women and men training...need I go on? All since our beginning in 1871! Get that word out to the ill advised uninformed politicians and public. We know about guns they lie about guns. Murder is already illegal. The law does not care how, knife, club, sword or your hands. It is the use of deadly force that is in question. I wish our NRA would do more to make that point! 'He who gives up liberty for percieved security gets and deserves neither.'

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