The Outdoor Woman’s Christmas Wish List

You’re an outdoors woman. You love your hunting gear, outdoor apparel and décor, so why is it you never find these items under your tree come Christmas morning? Well, probably because you haven’t asked for them. This year, while you’re deciding what to get for friends and family, why not provide them with a little list of your own?

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3 Responses to The Outdoor Woman’s Christmas Wish List

Sam wrote:
February 05, 2012

I am 12 years old and I have this bow, I am a target shooter as hunting in the UK is illegal and the bow works just as well for target as it is for field archery. It works for me although I am male. This bow is the best bow I have ever shot!!!

Kritzzz wrote:
September 01, 2011

Priced a little high isn't it? Sweet Bow.... I have one, However all set up with the best stuff didn't hit that... $150. site, 125$ Quiver and 145$ dozen arrows... Just Saying!

Gary wrote:
December 28, 2010

Bond, James Bond! Wow at how tech is this?