Trophy Room: The Benoit Bucks

Take a close look at the deer heads on the wall in Larry Benoit's living room. They're more than just a legendary collection.

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1 Response to Trophy Room: The Benoit Bucks

carl w. johnson, Portage, WI. wrote:
December 07, 2011

Hi, Lane; I noticed in the last issue of "Field & Stream" that you all have not sights on your M-760's. Is that just to illustrate the rifle itself? I have most of your familie's books, and see that you are also using scopes now. I am 80, and like your pop, have been hunting since 14. Only missed 2 seasons when I was in the Navy. Good for you guys, and keep up the tradition. Also, my best to your dad. We old timers hate to give up the chase.