How to Install a Drop-Away Arrow Rest

When setting up a new bow, the arrow rest can be one of the most critical accessories a bowhunter can choose. And when it comes to accuracy, there is no doubt that a good drop-away rest is the best choice. From the article "How to Install a Drop-Away Arrow Rest."

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1 Response to How to Install a Drop-Away Arrow Rest

J. Scott wrote:
October 14, 2010

Dear Bob, You like I did forgot the first step in mounting the rest.First one must know the center of the bow's riser and the string. Mount the drop away rest in the down position with an arrow in it to get as close to the center position as possible without the fletching possibly contacting the riser shelf. I went back and did this on my bow and gained 3fps and some accuracy at longer distances. Not all bows are center riser position at the rest mounting holes. Mine was near the shelf approximately one eigth above.