Best New Hunting ARs

AR rifles continue to be the fastest selling product segment among long-gun sales. And while the popularity of the platform remains solidly entrenched among competitive shooting, casual plinking and varmint- and predator-hunting crowds, interest continues to expand among more mainstream hunters of both big and small game, especially with the introduction of these hunting-specific models.

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1 Response to Best New Hunting ARs

South-Paw Slinger wrote:
August 07, 2011

Look I know you keep-up on what's hot in the firearm industry, but lets get-off of the AR-Hype! I own some and I like them too, but it is really getting old! Everytime I look at any magazine of watch and show on t.v. related to firearms, it's AR this and AR that. Enough already......let's get back to some real guns for everybody's interests beside all the weekend warriors, and the one's who are waiting for a zombie attack. lol