Do Grizzlies Stalk Hunters?

We’ve all looked over our shoulders when in grizzly bear habitat, especially when we’re elbow-deep in deer or elk blood after a successful hunt—but do bears actually stalk hunters hoping to steal a meal?


Hornady Announces American Whitetail Rifled Slugs

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The Red Lechwe: Hunting Africa with Kimber New Climbing Stands for 2014 Whitetail Season: Late Season Patterning
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A Buck For A Century

Almost lost after the shot, this giant buck would later vanish for decades–and reappear atop the Boone and Crockett records list! 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of "The Jordan Buck."

2014's Best Whitetail States: Part IV

The Top 10 started with Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky and Kansas. Who’s the cream of the crop? Check out the final installment of our “Top 20 States for Whitetails” series.

3 Layering Systems for the Late Season

It’s down to the wire, and the only way to fill that whitetail tag burning a hole in your pocket is to get out there and hunt. Here are three layering systems for the late season that will keep you in the game as Old Man Winter tries to keep you indoors.

Don’t Discount Midday During Deer Season

Dawn and dusk have magic, but you may well score more often at midday.

Ducks in Crowded Places

Duck hunting in crowded places is as much about out-maneuvering people as it is about ducks. Let Field Editor Frank Miniter explain.

Confidence is Key

Lure the naturally suspicious coyote into a false sense of security and take more pelts to market this season.


By Ron Spomer
June 18, 2013

For as long as there have been different breeds of gundog, there have been hunters arguing for the merit of one breed over the other. So, which canine really is the best all-around hunting dog? Ron Spomer thinks he has the answer.

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Latest Comments

Dan Carter wrote:
October 16, 2014

Brittany Spaniels are not great retrieving dogs and not usually very good in the water.Retrieving is not required to become a field champion in the Briiiany clubs.

Field Cocker wrote:
October 16, 2014

Many breeds of bird dogs can be far more versatile that their reputation might suggest. Just FYI: My field bred English Cocker Spaniel regularly hunts ducks and geese, and happily retrieves them to hand.

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