The New Winchester Super X3 Universal Hunter

The Winchester X-3 Universal HunterIn this business you don't just go around calling any old thing "super." That title has to be earned, and Winchester has done just that with its new Super X3 Universal Hunter shotgun.

Featuring a synthetic stock with texturized gripping services in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, the Super X3 offers a self-adjusting Active Valve that is capable of firing 12 shells in 1.442 seconds.

Offered in 12- or 20-gauge versions, the Super X3 features a lightweight magazine tube and recoil spring system, cutting this shotgun weight down by almost a pound.

The suggested retail price is $1,229.99.

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1 Response to The New Winchester Super X3 Universal Hunter

R.A.B. wrote:
June 12, 2012

I recieved my 2012 catalog from Winchester in March. April 1st. I special ordered a SX3 20 GA. Universial Hunter cammo pattern. I was told that the Shotgun would not be available until mid JUNE. To this day NO ONE can tell me WHEN my already purchased Shotgun will arrive. Winchesters 2012 Catalog advertises guns for 2012. Its the MIDDLE of 2012. Has anyone else experienced this problem?