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Alzada, MT—Thompson/Center’s first headstamped cartridge—the .30 TC—is hardly new. In fact, it was announced several years ago, along with T/C’s first repeater, the Icon. I had the opportunity to play with the cartridge a little but not really delve into it. I still haven’t gotten into it too deeply, but yesterday afternoon I did shoot a nice mule deer buck with it in T/C’s dolled up Encore called the Pro Hunter. I have asked T/C’s Craig Cushman to let me keep this rifle for a while, along with an extra barrel in 6.5 Creedmoor—with which I took a pronghorn buck this morning—and let me get more familiar with them, and develop some handloads.

Some initial impressions: The .30 TC delivers .30-06 performance in a cartridge that is about an inch shorter when utilizing Hornady’s Superformance ammo. In the Pro Hunter platform with the Flex Tech stock—which claims to reduce felt recoil as much as 41 percent—it feels more like a .243 Winchester. Its performance on a mature mule deer buck at 117 yards was devastating. The heart-lung pocket was pretty much pureed, and the buck took but two steps before expiring.

I know that the .30-06 is pretty much blasé in today’s world of short mags, Ultra Mags and such, but think about a beginning hunter—say a youngster or slightly built woman. Wouldn’t it be great for them to get superior performance across the board without getting the heck beat out of them in the process? Plenty more to come, both on the hunt, as well as these two cartridges.

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3 Responses to The .30 TC

R. Brock wrote:
January 12, 2015

I've followed the TC for a few years now and read all the negatives from the talking heads. My interest was stimulated because the first 5 shot group I ever shot with the gun after bore-sighting the rifle was .75' at 100 yards and yes the recoil is very low for the power it delivers. I have various rifles to include a Sako TRG 22 in 308 and two FN FBI/SPR's with McMillian A3 stocks and the TC30 is the easiest to get MOA groups of them all. I now own 3 versions of the ICON all in TC30 and all are MOA rifles right out of the box with the 150 Gr or the 165 grain Hornady Superformance. Also, I've put over 500 rds down range in the last 5 years and am still flabbergasted that this caliber has been so lambasted. However, most of the negatives seem to come from people that haven't shot the 30TC or are not impressed by the fact that the caliber exceeds 30-06 performance and has a recoil like a 243. Any one know of anything else on the market that can do that? Also, ammo is readily available and a third loading using a 150 Gr GMX SPF is now available. Brock

Kacey wrote:
December 06, 2011

I would like to hear more about your review of this Cartridge.

Karl wrote:
January 16, 2011

why would anybody shoot such a tiny mule deer!