Shadow Hunter Blind Chair from Browning

Tired of the old tree stump? Plant yourself on this new chair from Browning Camping.

New for 2014, Browning Camping introduces the Shadow Hunter Blind Chair. With all the features they pack into it, you can sit through that last hour of light in comfort. The Shadow Hunter Blind Chair is super sturdy with a mesh seat and backrest. It swivels 360 degrees so you can shoot in any direction, and it does so silently, so you won’t have to worry about spooking that big buck. Legs are independently adjustable, so whether you’re on flat ground or a slope, the chair will be level. And because no blind is the same, an adjustable seat allows you to set the right height for your specifications.

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7 Responses to Shadow Hunter Blind Chair from Browning

Harry hawthorne wrote:
November 23, 2014

Save your money. Read the reviews about a 2.5 . I have one very displeased. Too noises to use in a pop up blind. Should have read the reviews first but it was a browning. Not their quality.

thomas slowinski wrote:
June 28, 2014

I like to the chair . where can i get ?

Mike Quinn wrote:
June 20, 2014

It was shown in this month North Carolina Game&fish went to this web site but that's as far as I could get in that add it listed for $119.99 when you go to Browning Camping can't find anything about it

Larry Hutchens wrote:
June 20, 2014

Saw ad for chair in Georgia Sportsman magazine for $119.00- where can I buy one ?

mike gould wrote:
May 05, 2014

Ditto. Nowhere to be seen. Did see a review that priced it at $116 I believe.

Dave wrote:
April 06, 2014

I agree. Would love to purchase the chair but I cannot find it anywhere in the web.

Cecil Bolling wrote:
March 30, 2014

I would love to buy the chair but the only place it can be found is on your website and in your magazine. It is not on the Browning Camping website.