Kubota Builds Diesels

Kubota Tractor Corp.'s latest offerings include the RTV X-Series.

I'm outside Wichita, Kan., at Flint Oak, a shooting and hunting resort. And while the group I'm with will do a little shooting and hunting, we're here mainly to check out the new line of RTVs from Kubota: the RTV X-Series.

From the RTV-X900 to the RTV-X1100C, we're talking "capability for doing work" here, because, as farmers, ranchers, contractors and others know, Kubota builds diesels. From 21.6 hp to 24.8 hp, a diesel engine is at the heart of every one of these vehicles.

I'll spend today checking them out, and I'll provide a preliminary report throughout the day. Check back here for more details as they emerge.

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