H.S. Strut E-Z Cutters

These mouth diaphragm calls can be used to make amazing cutts, yelps, purrs and even kee kees.

In the world of turkey talk, the sound of a hen cutting means she is looking for a gobbler to help perpetuate their species. Unfortunately, proper cutts are difficult to replicate for many hunters, especially with mouth diaphragm calls.

As such, anything that helps hunters more easily make that fast-paced excited call that gets gobblers going is a benefit.

The H.S. Strut E-Z Cutters have an aluminum frame and trimable tape for easily adjusting the call to fit any sized mouth. Just be sure to make all adjustments, especially when trimming the tape, in small increments.

The reeds are specifically chosen and cut for producing the pop, pop, pop sounds of turkey cutts, but can also be used to make sweet sounding yelps and even kee kees if you can get your tongue just right.

I’ve been practicing with these calls for the last couple of weeks, getting ready for turkey season, and I really like the ease with which I can really push out some fast-paced cutts before easing down to yelps and even soft-sounding purrs.

The H.S. Strut E-Z Cutters are available for about $6 individually, or in three-packs, obviously the better deal.

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