California Bans Hunting with Hounds

Let this serve as a reminder of what we're up against: "Animal rights" activists have banned hunting bears and bobcats with hounds in the state of California. On Wednesday the bill was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

Anti-hunters continued to spread false information about hunting with hounds even after the bill's signing. In celebrating the ban, Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance (Los Angeles County), said in a written statement, "Hound hunting of bears is illegal in two-thirds of the United States. California now joins the great majority of states that have abolished this inhumane and unnecessary practice."

That statement simply isn't in touch with reality. Of the U.S. states that allow bear hunting, 60 percent allow the use of dogs. And, given that California hunters rarely kill the number of bears recommended by biologists, the use of hounds is, in fact, necessary. California has a sizeable number of bears and its terrain is very challenging. It's foreseeable that, given the hound ban, state biologists will have to remove more bears in response to human-bear conflicts.

Any guesses as to state biologists' preferred method of bear removal? Hunting them with hounds. So, guess what, Mr. Animal Rights activist: Bears are still going to be hunted with hounds. It'll just be at taxpayer expense.

For sporting dog enthusiasts, this news is disappointing. Perhaps even worthy of our anger. But let's channel our emotions into something productive. Let's use this terrible law as a rallying cry, and fight for our rights with a renewed sense of urgency and purpose.

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2 Responses to California Bans Hunting with Hounds

lrsrngr86 wrote:
October 04, 2012

Next on the agenda: Change DFG to Department of Fish and Wildlife. All of you CA hunters better get off your sofa and make some noise. These people aren't going away this win only stoked the fire. They got Dan Richards out and they taste victory.

lrsrngr86 wrote:
October 03, 2012

I did my part to fight this by writing the committee, my representatives and the Governor calling for him to veto SB 1221. It was not enough. Now there is a push for the Department of Fish and Game to be changed to the Department of Fish and "Wildlife." Get it? Game taking is a sport and tradition hunters have long loved; managing wildlife not "game" is away to steer the masses away from the current use of hunting and hunters to maintain healthy herds. They are taking the hunter out of the equation. This bodes ominously to current California hunters, but it will not stop here, this in only a warning shot across the bow for ALL hunters. These tactics and techniques will continue to spread unless they are kept at bay where ever the animal rights activists show themselves. Hunters beware, whatever the state you call home.