Shooting the new Browning A5 Shotgun

Browning A5 Shotguns at SHOT Show's 2012 Media Day at the RangeThere's nothing wrong with bringing back a legend—especially if you plan on creating a whole new one.

Browning is releasing a new version of its classic A5 model shotgun, and it was a hit at SHOT Show's Media Day at the Range. The gun retains the A5's iconic humpback-shape, but is new and improved in all other respects. Reliable, fast-cycling, recoil-operated, the Browning A5 is poised to be a popular new buy among shotgun fans.

Check out the video below to see American Rifleman Managing Editor Aaron Carter taking a few shots with the A5.

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4 Responses to Shooting the new Browning A5 Shotgun

Barrett wrote:
October 29, 2013

Summary : If your looking for a great inertia gun that's light weight and versatile the A5 can do just about any job you throw at it. Now availiable in 3.5 inch chamber it offers everything your beneli's offer and other top of the line auto loaders offer. Shoots smooth, maybe not the softest shooting gun on the market but the light weight will allow you to carry it in a dove or pheasant field all day. The auto lapsing feature is just cool and a browning staple. When it comes to looks while it's not the original A5 it comes close in looks. The for stock is a more modern style for those who like the new styles of forestocks the Browning A5 has what your looking for. My advice is try one If you can before buying make sure it's the right gun for you. I wouldn't recomend it to every one. But I think in the right hands it meets many shooters needs and wants. I'd rate this gun at 9. Try one out and shoot it and youll get asked a lot ' where'd you get that camo A5 '? P.S I think for what it offers it's right about where guns comparable to the A5 are priced. Is it worth it ? I'll leave that up to you. For me I think it is and I think it's gun I'll use for years. Safe shooting every one

Arvin fillers wrote:
May 01, 2012

Sorry browning, i'm just not impressed with your new a5. I don't see the quality and craftsmanship pride in it like I do in my old a5 shotguns. Nah, i'll just keep what I thanks.

Don Heumann wrote:
January 19, 2012

A salute to a classic ? Round knob sweet 16? Come on it's mostly us old farts who would to own one.

mitch barkett wrote:
January 19, 2012

Destined to be another semi-humpback flop like all the rest of their recent attempts. My advice, take an original A5 12 ga. magnum and put an improved recoil reducing stock on it and get some of the weight out of it by using alloys like in the Citori guns. Calling these new guns an A5 is an insult to the greatest shotgun design ever. They won't do it because there is a quantity over quality mentality running the show. I would rather buy a used A5 or superposed over any new Browning.