Best Hunting-Themed April Fools' Day Prank of 2014

Would you eat at a restaurant where you had to hunt your table fare? Well, you can't, because sadly, as Assistant Online Editor Sarah Smith Barnum found, it's merely a good April Fool's Day prank.

April Fools' Day is a great time for prank photos of deer with endless tines, claiming to be the latest record buck. This year, however, the best April Fools' joke I saw came courtesy of the "Off the Wall" blog at the Houston Press. The title "Hunt-Your-Own-Dinner Restaurant Coming to Houston" immediately grabbed my eye. I am extremely gullible...

When I began to read, I half-believed this tall-tale for a millisecond until I realized it was merely a hoax—which is too bad, because it would be an interesting way to get more people involved with hunting. The story claimed that a Kenyan-based restaurant was coming to the United States. Customers would pick their own table-fare from the garden, and harvest their own meat. As hunters and outdoorsmen and women, such a concept is already part of our lives, but for people who don't hunt I'm sure the notion seemed ludicrous. With the major hog infestation in the south, the idea doesn't seem half-bad! Either way, I have to give props to Internet for successfully pranking me.

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1 Response to Best Hunting-Themed April Fools' Day Prank of 2014

Elkhunter wrote:
April 16, 2014

That is a great prank. I think they should add vines to the ceiling so that customers can machete them for water. Thanks for the laugh. PS if I had seen this article I would have fallen for it.