Solids vs. Soft-Points

How does a solid bullet compare to a soft-point on big game?

Q: Is a solid bullet just as effective on heavy-boned animals as a soft-point, all other things being equal?

A: Driving a solid bullet through both shoulders or the spine of a large game animal can have as much, or more, terminal effect as a soft-point through tissue. The solid will typically produce a smaller (in diameter) wound channel than an expanded soft-point bullet, but will more likely produce a longer wound channel as it will often penetrate more deeply. The result is less peripheral damage but a possibly deeper wound channel. On large, dangerous game like elephant and buffalo, a solid may also break bones that a soft-point will not.

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1 Response to Solids vs. Soft-Points

Tim Ferrall wrote:
April 04, 2014

Solids are the bullet of choice for elephant. For buffalo, the general consensus is a soft in the chamber, with solids in the magazine, although there are some old-school PHs who still prefer solids on buff. The best advice is to ask your PH what HE wants you to shoot, and follow his, (or her), advice.