Could Suburban America Actually Appreciate Hunting?

We all know hunting isn't always viewed favorably across America, especially in urban and suburban regions where our pastime may be considered anachronistic by some, and perhaps merely a necessary evil by others. So I was happy to see this cooler in my local grocery store recently, in Fairfax, Va., a 400-square-mile county of a million inhabitants. I'm sure most of them don't hunt, but I do, thus I was happy to see hunting mentioned here. Note the message: Dry ice is good for preserving game. I agree. I also agree it's nice to see a message in suburban America that puts hunting in a positive light. The take-home message for anyone in suburban America who reads the cooler: Hunting is alive and well, folks. This is proof.

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2 Responses to Could Suburban America Actually Appreciate Hunting?

J. Scott Olmsted wrote:
March 12, 2014

Hi Jim; thanks for your comment. You know, I have to admit the past couple of years I think I see more NRA displays in the D.C. area; more NRA stickers, hats, patches, etc. Gotta be a good sign, huh? As for noise from the local gun range: We call that the sound of liberty.

Jim Foster wrote:
March 08, 2014

Good morning Scott. The cooler was a nice reminder in the dead of winter of a value we cherish. Living in northwestern Montana I am surrounded by folks who love this time honored value of hunting. I see reminders everyday of folks wearing camo jackets and hats, RMEF stickers, and hearing folks using the local gun range. Music to my ears.