Va. Sunday Hunting and a W.Va. Becoming an Outdoorswoman Event

With the possibility of more days to hunt in Virginia, Assistant Online Editor Sarah Smith Barnum is making a concerted effort to become a more-skilled outdoorswoman.

Things are looking up! As you probably already know, the Virginia Senate approved the Sunday hunting bill, and a spokesman for Gov. Terry McAuliffe said the governor plans to sign it into law. Essentially, Virginia hunters will be able to hunt private land with the landowner's permission on Sundays as early as July 1st. If I'm lucky, I'll be one of those Virginians.

Recently I had been complaining about how I didn't spend as much time hunting as I had hoped this past fall. I am of the mind that I'm not allowed to complain unless I am making a concerted effort to change the problem. In an effort to be more proactive with my outdoor skills and abilities I scoured the internet for any Becoming an Outdoorswoman (BOW) program events nearby—considering Virginia's program is currently MIA. Luckily for me, West Virginia has an upcoming BOW event in April that I will be attending. Hopefully I will gain more of the know-how required to get a step closer to being capable of hunting solo, or at least more effectively!

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