Dozens Hold Funeral for Euthanized Geese

Dozens of people held a memorial service for a group of 144 Canada geese that were recently euthanized by Gaston County officials in North Carolina.

Gaston County, N.C., killed 144 Canada geese at a county park because, according to the Associated Press, “workers worried [the geese] had become a health hazard.” To me there’s no gray area here: 144 geese is an absolute risk to public health. Among other dangers, geese produce up to a pound of droppings per goose per day—you can imagine the impact of 144 geese on water and soil quality. The county’s choice was either to kill the geese or close the park to humans.

However, North Carolina apparently has a thriving hippie population. Dozens of people held a memorial service for the geese, which included songs and 144 fresh-cut flowers (one for each dead goose). According to the AP, several people said they wished the county had done something different and discussed setting up a rescue group for geese.

Presumably the rescue group would afford concerned individuals the opportunity to adopt a pet goose. Hmm, I’m not sure that’s the best idea, but perhaps it would give the mourners a lesson in reality.

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3 Responses to Dozens Hold Funeral for Euthanized Geese

NJ219bands wrote:
July 23, 2013

In NJ the Canada geese on a National Wildlife Refuge were rounded up, gassed, then buried in a landfill. Last season I didn't fire a shot while hunting near the refuge during the Special Winter Canada Goose Season for the first time ever.

Chuck wrote:
July 22, 2013

What did the county do with the dead geese? Did they just dump them in a landfill or did they donate them to Food Share or similar food for folks program? If the geese were not donated, then shame on the county for wasting food. If the geese truly were infected with some disease, perhaps that would make the geesies feel better about their demise.

Louie F wrote:
July 22, 2013

The article didn't mention what was done with the dead geese. I hope they were donated to a food bank, or A similar organization.