New Titanium Insert for Micro-Diameter Arrows

There’s no doubt that “micro” diameter carbon arrow shafts, like the Victory Armour Piercing (VAP) and the Easton Injexion, have become the rage with both serious target archers and bowhunters. That’s because, all things being equal, smaller-diameter arrows penetrate deeper and buck the wind better than comparable standard-diameter shafts. The weak point of these shafts has been at the tip, where the broadhead meets the insert or outsert. As the arrow makes contact at a high rate of speed, the aluminum inserts or outserts can have some trouble withstanding the incredible impact on a target or animal. To help alleviate these issues, Titus Innovations has introduced a new insert like no other available.

Brian James, an avid archer, bowhunter, and owner of Titus Innovations has believed that, an insert could be developed that would provide the strength of steel and the weight of aluminum. This would take micro-diameter arrows to the next level and place them without peer. That meant titanium, which offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal available. A titanium insert can handle stresses when entering a target while still protecting the shaft.  The tip also had to be aerodynamic for repeated consistent arrow flight, which meant using a tapered exterior. The inset’s taper connects to the shaft’s exterior with perfect tolerances. Titanium is the only material that would meet all of the specifications needed—strength, light weight, and a memory to keep its original shape through repeated use. Through hours of field testing, the new Titus inserts have proven that under normal shooting conditions with the same arrow and insert shot hundreds of times, it remains straight today as when it was new.

This is a cool new product that helps increase the overall performance, including flight characteristics and terminal performance, of the hottest hunting shafts on the market. You can get more information on the company from its website, or by calling 619-944-1133.

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