Ducks Unlimited Creates Wood Duck Resources Page

This is the time of year when many of us drift into a duck depression. Mallards and dark geese seasons are closed. The guns are oiled and put away. And, despite the weather—which remains ducky and cold—the gap between today and duck season is the largest it gets all year.

So, we find ways to extend our seasons. We write in our journals; we look at photos from last year; and most of all we find ways to give back to the ducks. Among my favorite is building wood duck boxes. It's an opportunity to improve nesting habitat for one of our most beautiful species and enjoy them throughout the year rather than just a couple weeks in October.

We have a new tool at our disposal in this regard: Ducks Unlimited's "Wood Duck Resources" web page. The micro-site includes info on how to build the ideal wood duck box; proper spring maintenance of existing boxes; and the best spots to place wood duck boxes.

I'll definitely refer to this reference in the weeks ahead.

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