Trash Talking Ducks

It’s bad enough when I miss a few ducks, but it crosses the line when they start quacking about it on the Internet.

No, the ducks haven’t started mocking me on their facebook pages (though if they did, I imagine their status messages would read something like, “Stephen F. Greenhead is pretending he can't see Kyle Wintersteen's big white face while circling the decoys just out of range”). But they do seem quite aware of an ongoing Ducks Unlimited black duck study.

Among other aspects of the study, DU biologists are monitoring the migratory route of radio-collared black ducks. Apparently the ducks know you can follow their migration online,
because I’ve spent the last two years watching several of them mock me by repeatedly flying over my blind’s location. It’s no secret that I rarely get to enjoy roast black duck, but documenting my ineptitude online? That’s just cruel. Of course, this is good news for DU; as long as biologists collar blacks that are drawn to my proximity, the safety of the collared ducks is virtually guaranteed.

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