"Animal Rights" Groups Protest Killing of Geese

The NY/NJ Port Authority plans to kill geese in order to protect commercial airliners. Cue the "animal rights" wackos!

The ditching of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 into New York’s Hudson River last January shed light on the danger that overpopulated resident Canadas can pose to aircraft. In response to the incident, last week the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced plans to cull about 2,000 molting geese to prevent future risk to air travelers. Cue the “animal rights” wackos. Their argument is two-fold:

Number one, they think the Port Authority should use non-lethal population control. Sounds to me like the same flawed reasoning anti-hunters use to try to dissuade wildlife managers from using hunting to control deer populations. Non-lethal game management (relocation, birth control, harassment, etc.) just doesn't work. It's also incredibly expensive.

Secondly, they claim the Canadas that brought down Flight 1549 on Jan. 15 were migrators, therefore killing resident geese is pointless. Now, I’m not saying there couldn’t have been a migratory goose or two present near LaGuardia airport in mid-January, but most migrators were well south of New York City. The geese in question were almost surely residents. 

Count on this logic to fall on the "animal rights" protesters’ deaf ears. As always, they're against killing any animals for any reason, even when the lives of their fellow human beings are at risk.

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