Every Dog Can Have a Bad Day

Apparently that includes K-9 Cops.

Even the best dog can have a bad day. Why? I can't say definitively, but witnesses seem to be part of the equation. Should your dog make a 200-yard downwind retrieve on a wing-tipped rooster, you’ll be the only guy in the field. But the blind will be full of witnesses when he grabs a duck, swims to the other side of the pond and begins to consume it. It could be worse. Just ask the poor canine officer in this youtube clip. Yes, all of us, even those of us who train K-9 cops, have bad days with our animals. Thankfully nobody has of yet posted any of mine on the Internet.

One final thought: If your dog is having a bad day, keep your cool and end the training session or hunt on a positive note. This is especially important with a young or timid dog. Even if the dog's had a truly horrid day, give it an easy task and praise it accordingly. This maintains trust and confidence.

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