NRA and Hunters Love Dogs; VPC Lies Like A Fat One

The latest lie from the anti-gun crowd is so absurd, it's laughable. Read it for yourself. Then check out the facts.

Headline: Why Does The NRA Hate Puppies? 

Summary: In yet another disingenuous, emotionally-charged ruse to gain publicity, the Violence Policy Center's Josh Sugarmann claims NRA hates puppies because it lobbied against SB460, a Humane Society of the United States-backed bill that would have ended not only the "puppy mills" but all commerical dog breeding in North Carolina.

Accuracy: This story is an op-ed from the man who last year said that gun ownership is declining, despite obvious market statistics that show they are actually increasing. This story is misleading at best. It convieniently fails to mention that also in opposition to SB460 was the American Veterinary Medical Association, the AKC and the National Animal Interest Alliance, to name a few. It also fails to mention that the bill included a provision that would give the state power to sieze and/or euthanize pets if owners are not licensed. For NRA's true opinion of those lovable hounds, click here for the facts. To read true love of sporting dogs, read Kyle Wintersteen's blog.

What It Means For Hunters: The headline itself is laughable. Fact is, no group does more for hunters than NRA, and few people value dogs more than hunters. Hunters and pet owners should be aware that as long as HSUS continues to trick people into believing it is an animal welfare society despite the fact that it doesn’t operate a single shelter, more of this type of anti-hunting, anti-pet legislation is sure to come. In essence, the story means that the anti-gun forces have joined forces with anti-hunters and anti-gunners, and they will say anything to promote their agenda. Hunters must join together to defeat anti-hunting legislation disguised as "anti-animal cruelty" laws, or else our hunting lifestyles, and our dogs, will be in jeopardy.

Recommended Gear: If the water is frigid or the currents are swift, duck hunters might buy a neoprene floation vest for their Lab. If young Jet performed well afield, reward him with rubber ducky toys.; if he didn't do so good, consider some training dummies.

Alternate Headline: VPC Lies Like an Old Lab After a Long Hunt

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