Family Eats for a Month Without Shopping

In hard times, a housewife challenges herself to cease buying food for a month. Hunters can do the same, and even throw a party.

Headline: Family Eats for a Month Without Shopping

Summary: To save money in a down economy, a mother challenges herself to abstain from grocery shopping for a month and instead cooks and eats what’s in her family’s pantry

Accuracy:  Based from the lady’s Facebook page, CNN’s story is accurate.

My Take
: While the challenge is commendable and the story is touching, it’s hardly notable except to those non-hunters who (gasp!) forget that grocery stores aren’t the only places to obtain food. Heck, I have a buddy who once camped out for six weeks on nothing but deer jerky and beer. (Okay, so he cheated once to load up on beer.)

What This Means For Hunters: This is a great challenge, as we could all benefit from saving cash by ceasing our weekly meat runs to the grocery store, especially when we, given the proper licenses, can harvest all the meat we want.

American Hunter Challenge: I challenge you to go a month without buying meat from the store. That’s right, pull out that icy deer roast from ‘05 that you’ve squirreled away under the duck breasts and tried to forget. Stew up that leg o’ wild pig that’s been grossing your wife out since last fall. De-thaw those plump put-and-take pheasants and invite the vegetarian neighbors over—lean times are the best times to throw a protein party! And if you start running low on life sustaining food, don’t panic. Load your rifle, make sure your license is current and go get more.

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1 Response to Family Eats for a Month Without Shopping

Jen wrote:
September 01, 2009

I will attempt it, but may have to tap into the folks freezer stash..