Deer Hunting: Motivation For Living

Eight days adrift at sea can't keep a good sportsman down, not when he's got hope of tagging a bruiser this fall.

Headline:  Missing Boaters Clung to Thread of Hope

Summary: Three Texas swordfisherman narrowly escaped death when they were rescued after 8 days at sea clinging to a 23-foot capsized catamaran, 180- miles from shore. They survived on saltine crackers, a couple gallons of water and hope.

Classic Quote: When asked if he would go fishing again, survivor Tressel Hawkins said, "I would love to do it this weekend, but we made a pact when we made it back to the house that we're going to put the poles down for the rest of the year and try to do something else, maybe go deer hunting."

Jeff’s Take: God bless a true sportsman! Just hours after a body- and mind-altering battle for his life, Tressel reveals he’s thinking about deer season. Although he didn’t come out and say it, I believe Hawkins will to see another deer season helped pull him through.

What This Means For Hunters:  Like love of a favorite old double, a Chevy 4x4 with mud grips, a .340 Weatherby Mag. or a birddog that’s just been blasted at point blank by a rabid polecat, the lure of deer season is a very powerful thing indeed.

Recommended Gear: It’s tough to beat a Garmin Rhino two way radio, a SPOT personal locator becon or a Stearns Float Coat in this situation.

Alternate Headline:  Missing Fisherman Found Weeks Later In Treestand

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