It's Either a Deer ... or a Girl on a Horse

Despite ridiculous comments by anti-hunting yuppies, a suburban community allow bowhunters to control deer populations.

Headline:  Bow Hunt for Deer Debated in Leesburg

Summary: A well-to-do community near Leesburg, Virginia (a suburb of Washington, D.C.) is experiencing a deer epidemic thanks to woodlands that have been turned into neighborhoods and closed to hunting. Homeowners in Beacon Hill complain of auto/deer collisions and eaten-to-the-nubs flowerbeds, and most of them want to control the deer by bowhunting them. Despite objections by some anti-hunters, bowhunters will be allowed to stem the deer tide when the regular Virginia bow season begins.

The Anti-Quote: “I envision little girls on ponies getting shot at,” said an owner of a nearby equestrian center who opposes thinning the burgeoning deer herd via licensed hunters.

Jeff’s Take:  If an equestrian teacher thinks a whitetail deer and English-saddled, prancing horse are too tough to tell apart, can anyone assure us that this yuppy won’t mistake a BMW for a Big Mature Whitetail and try to ride it into town for takeout?

The Facts: According to the Centers for Disease Control, from 1990-94 there were 1179 equestrian injuries (many more than bowhunting), and of all the injury subcategories listed including “Jumping,” Dragged by Horse,” “Caught Between Horse and Other Object,” “Dismounting” and dozens more, nowhere could I find a “Plugged By Bowhunter” column.

What This Means For Hunters:  If you know somebody in the Beacon Hill area of Leesburg, your deer season could be fruitful. If you don’t, it just means that anti-hunting yuppies are fruity.

Recommended Gear:  A Mathews Reezen 7.0and a Summit Viper SS  treestand, of course.

Alternate Headline: What A Deer Looks Like Debated By Suburban Yuppies

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