Park Ranger Flags Dog Poop

A few questions for the author of this anti-dog poop campaign.

The Californian reports that Park Ranger Tammy Jakl of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has begun an anti-dog poop campaign at Fort Ord's Creekside Terrace Trailhead.

"People may think that it’s 7,200 acres, they have one or two dogs, what’s a couple of poos a day? But it adds up," Jakl said. "If you leave feces on the ground like this, bacteria and parasites grow and that can be transferred to other pets, the wildlife and other people."

Her strategy: marking uncollected doggy landmines with pink flags. On day one of her mission she planted 100 flags.

I appreciate the sentimentnobody likes stepping in dog doobut I do have a few questions:

1) How will anyone understand the significance of the flags?
2) Who’s going to pick up the flags?
3) Why pink?

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