Does Hunting Make Your Child A Murderer?

PETA claims hunting turns kids into killers.

HeadlineTurning Kids Into Killers

Summary:  A whack-job from PETA (yes, the “animal rights” group that killed 95 percent of adoptable pets in its care in 2008) rants about a Wisconsin law that lowers the legal hunting age from 12 to 10. Martin Mersereau cites a couple “studies” by liberal anti-hunting newspapers to conclude that kids who hunt are more likely to commit murder, and that government, rather than parents, should dictate if and when a child should be allowed to participate in traditional hunting activities.

Accuracy:  If journalism were skeet shooting, Mrs. Mersereau would be DQ-ed immediately for endangering the spectators.

The AntiQuote: "But teaching children how to kill can be downright dangerous—and not just to Bambi and his friends."

Facts and Reality:  Actually, hunting teaches responsible gun ownership.

"The socialization into gun ownership is also vastly different for legal and illegal gun owners. [Adolescents] who own legal guns have fathers who own guns for sport and hunting. On the other hand, those who own illegal guns have friends who own illegal guns and are far more likely to be gang members." (U.S. Dept. Of Justice, March 1994, Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention -Urban Delinquency & Substance Abuse, July 1993.

"Persons in rural areas are more likely to be hunters. The total violent crime rate and murder rate in rural counties are 61% and 41% lower, respectively, than those found in metropolitan areas. (From FBI Uniform Crime Reports, Crime in the United States 2002.)

Fact: Over a dozen other states have already lowered their minimum age requirements, and 30 states don’t have a minimum age requirement.

What This Means For Hunters: If you’re a 10-year old resident of Wisconsin who aspires to kill a deer and provide meat for the family, you’re in luck. Now all you need is a hunter-ed card, a good bow or rifle, cool nerves and a copy of American Hunter magazine for tips on how to ambush a big buck. 

Recommended Gear
:  A
PSE Nova youth bow 
and a Weatherby Vanguard Youth Compact rifle.

Alternate Headline
: Turning Whiners Into Providers

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1 Response to Does Hunting Make Your Child A Murderer?

Richard Hoffarth wrote:
September 15, 2009

PETA, a group that knows nothing about hunting or conservation is now branding itself as child psychology experts? Absurd! Children taught to hunt no more turn into murderers than surgeons taught to do surgery turn into butchers. There is no logic to their statement, and, thus, disqualify themselves as experts in anything whatsoever.