Doe Management, Day 3

After we downed our does it was time to get ready for an afternoon bird hunt.

Day 3, 8:42 a.m.
With three does in the back of the ATV and a long day behind us, were are all ready to relax and kick back last night. I took full advantage of Hedge Hollow's accommodations, chowing down of a full rack of ribs and talking shop with the group after dinner. 

This morning we'll round up the dogs and go hunt up some chukars, pheasants and quail on the ranch's parcel of bird-heavy land.

One piece of business, though, before we head out — I’ve got to talk optics with you. We've been happy to test out some of Bushnell's products this week and get a few sneak peaks at some others. I've been impressed with the new additions, which you'll hear about in the coming months, and even more impressed with some of the optics and accessories I've gotten my hands on. Let's just say you should leave a few spots open on your wish list this holiday season.

The new Bowhunter Chuck Adams Edition laser rangefinder (picutred above) caught my eye right away. It's light as a feather and small enough to fit in just about any pocket. I didn't get a chance to handle it all that much, but the word is that it's durable as it features a rugged, rainproof housing dressed in Realtree AP camo.

I'll be writing a bit more this evening about a new and improved way to carry a rangefinder. For now, its time to kill some birds.

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