Time to Show my Web Editor Some Respect

I've made fun of my web editor both in public and behind his back, but it turns out the kid can shoot.

It's no secret that I enjoy giving online editor Ben O'Brien a hard time. I've played pranks, mocked him to his face and even accused him publicly of stifling my creativity.

Turns out Ben's skills extend well beyond the realm of computer dweebery—he's actually a darn good shot! I hunted does with Ben at the Hedge Hollow Ranch and, though I came home empty handed, I watched him make a fine 125-yard, off-hand shot, dropping a doe in its tracks (read more about the hunt here). So, Ben, I promise the good-natured ribbing will continue, but for now I say, "Nice shot!"

In other news, I'm home after my long road trip. I shot upland birds over dogs during nine of the last 10 days and, though I'm tired and out of gas money, I saw some great dog work and wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world. Video of a portion of my trip should be online soon.

My rest will be short lived, however; I leave in two days to hunt antelope outside Casper, Wyo. Can't wait!

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1 Response to Time to Show my Web Editor Some Respect

deadeye wrote:
October 06, 2009

The old neckshot, eh? Yes indeed, it's had a recent comback in popularity given that the traditional heart/lung shot has proven outdated and highly unsporting. Good shot, Benny Boy ... ahem, ahem...