Doe Management, Day 4

A great way to spend my last day in Missouri—upland bird hunting.

Day 4, 10:23 a.m.
This'll be my last entry from Hedge Hollow Ranch here in Missouri, as we'll be shipping out in a few hours after we have breasted and packed up our birds.

We've had a great morning with our shotguns in hand, banging away at whatever upland wingers happened to flush. AH blogger and avid wingshooter Kyle Wintersteen has forever shamed my shotgun abilities with his talent—I'm almost positive that he's yet to miss.

The dogs are working hard on what turned out to be a hell of a hot day, but the birds are flying fast and we're piling 'em up. We've knocked down eight pheasants, six chukars and just one quail so far, but we've got an hour to add to our stock. Bushnell's Mark Schaeffer has also carried a hot hand, making some pretty long shots and watching the feathers fly. This has been a perfect way to end our stay and an even better idea for dinner when I get home.

It's been a great few days here with our friends at Bushnell, we've had great food, good company and a lot of action-packed hunting. Thanks to all of you guys who followed along and be sure to keep checking back as all our editors head out on hunts this season. As for myself, I'm flying back to NRA Headquarters, working for a few days and then jumping back on a plane and jetting to Wyoming for my first-ever Antelope hunt. I can only hope that I shoot as well out there as I did on this doe hunt, but you can't win 'em all.

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