Antelope Hunt Day 2: Lesson Learned

In the first hour of our hunt I had a great chance, but I screwed it up.

Day 2, 11:34 am
After our first spot and stalk this morning, my hunting partner Bob Robb looked at me with a sly grin. "Welcome to the business," he said.

It was the first hour of our hunt and we had just spotted a group of pronghorn feeding their way across one of the endless sage-covered hills. We glassed the group, picked out a shooter buck and slowly snaked our way up the ridge to our left. With Apex in hand, I crawled on my belly through the mud to the crest of the hill as our guide shifted in front of me. He pointed out the big boy, who was broadside at 147 yards, and it was time to send a 7mm-08 round in his direction.

I squared up on his front shoulder and let one fly—miss. He darted in front of the group and up the hill another hundred yards as I jacked another shell into the Apex and took aim once more. I let him separate from the herd, and as soon as he paused I pulled the trigger—miss.

That was it. The buck was gone and it was all due to shooter error. With about 15 sets of eyes to avoid and no adequate rest, I couldn't quite get comfortable with my shots. I pulled the first shot to the left and just grazed his back with the second.

In a hunt that has been filled with firsts, this wasn't one that I wanted to experience. But as Robb quipped as we walked back to the truck, "It happens to the best of us."

"This ain't over man," I said. "Let's get it done."

Lesson learned and focus heightened, I am more determined than ever to take down a pronghorn.

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2 Responses to Antelope Hunt Day 2: Lesson Learned

Jason wrote:
October 09, 2009

Bob is right...we've all been there and we've all felt the need to get right back at it. I don't think many writers would admit a miss like that. Keep at em.

deadeye wrote:
October 09, 2009