Virginia Flintlock Squirrel Hunt, Day 1

Using a small-caliber muzzleloader, I can hunt hard all morning, attempt many shots and have a blast.

I love hunting squirrels, but frankly I really don't adore an afternoon of cleaning the sinewy rascals. And because my girlfriend won't go near one, I'm the only one I know of—other than Adam Heggenstaller—who likes to eat them. But I'm not that big and I can't eat all that many helpings of squirrel stew at one sitting. And since my personal ethics demand that I eat what I kill, I've found that I simply don't hunt them as much as I'd like.

But recently, I've found a solution. By using a small-caliber muzzleloader to hunt squirrels, I can hunt hard all morning, attempt many shots, have a blast and only come back home with a couple of squirrels for the pot! Perfect!

The Traditions .32 caliber percussion rifle is accurate for a muzzleloader, but with iron sights and a patched Hornady lead ball, it's a far cry from my custom Magnum Research Ruger 10/22 that's chambered in the laser-like Hornady 17 Mach 2 and topped with an 7-power Leupold scope.

Yes-sir-ree, more squirrels get away from me than I drop from the treetops, but that's the discipline. I dress up like a pioneer, complete with moccasins and a buckskin coat and venture out to Virginia's national forests to do some good old fashioned "squag huntin." It's great fun, enhances my woodsmanship skills, allows me to deer scout at the same time and, as a bonus, my girlfriend's friends all think I'm a vile, beastly barbarian when they see facebook photos of me with dead squirrels. Plus, it really enhances my reputation with my buddies.

So now I'm all dressed up, I've got my loaded Virginia squirrel slayer in hand and I'm looking to the treetops in search of dinner. I'll report back later.

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1 Response to Virginia Flintlock Squirrel Hunt, Day 1

Stephanie wrote:
October 23, 2009

The dress up makes the hunt all that more interesting doesn't it?