Don't Let 'Em Pull A Gorfinkle

The only reasonable anti-hunters are those without property near your hunting spot.

Headline: Couple to hunter: 'Leave without your dead deer'

Summary: The Connecticut Post reports that an anti-hunting couple who live in the deer-infested suburb of Redding, Conn., refused to let a bowhunter retrieve his mortally-wounded deer after he discovered it expired on their property and asked their permission to recover it. Instead, the Gorfinkles, one of which is the CEO of Animal Rights Alliance in Redding, chose to let it lay where it died 40 yards from their deck, unsure whether they should “cover it with dirt,” or let other animals eat it “naturally.” It is still lying there.

The Antiquote: "It was a crime scene, in my opinion, the minute that it was shot," she [Lynn Gorfinkle] said.

"I will never go out so casually again. It impairs the enjoyment of your own property when you feel you have to look over your shoulder or wear fluorescent orange or something," Gorfinkle said.

"If someone's going to eat that deer, I want it to be natural predators, not some hunter."

Jeff’s Take: True-but-unbelievable stories like this remind us just how irrational and vastly out of touch with nature radical anti-hunters are. There is no use trying to rationalize with crazy people; just conduct your business, cook the backstraps to medium rare  and tip your hat knowing that you are the one with the sense.

What This Means For Hunters: We must hone our shooting skills to ensure a swift kill in order to keep the quarry from staggering to the dreaded land of the anti-hunter. Don’t give anti-hunters the chance to “pull a Gorfinkle." Put that deer, bear, duck or antelope away swiftly, and if you’re going to let the meat age, hang it properly in a cool, dry shed or your refrigerator and not the Gorfinkle’s buzzard-laden back yard.

Recommended Gear: Try NAP’s deadly new Spitfire Maxx broadhead; Primos’ Mini Bloodhunter trailing light, new Gore Opti-Fade camo to hide from your quarry and wild Gorfinkle eyes, and Frank Miniter’s book “The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide” in case you must argue with an anti-hunter or fight your way out of there!

Alternate Headline: Animal Activists Waste Another Animal

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