Jeff Johnston's Colorado Mule Deer Hunt, Day 1

Scott Olmsted and I are heading to eastern Colorado to film an episode of American Hunter TV.

10:45 a.m.
I am on a plane Colorado bound. American Hunter magazine Editor-in-Chief Scott Olmsted and I are heading to eastern Colorado—only a hundred miles or so from where I hunted in western Kansas a couple weeks ago—to the land of giant mule deer and tremendous whitetails. We will be hunting and filming for American Hunter TV with Aaron Neilson of Royal Mountain Outfitters. I could do without a guide, but letting someone guide you is the cost of land access and Aaron is one of the best.

We will land in Denver, stop at Bass Pro to pick up our blackpowder accoutrements—you are not allowed to travel with loose primers or black powder—then head just northwest of Kit Carson, Colo. We should be hunting by first light tomorrow. I'm hoping to point my CVA Apex in the direction of a 200-inch mule deer.

9:30 p.m.
We bought a bottle of Triple Seven black powder substitute and primers at the Denver Bass Pro Shop and dropped the hammer on our rental Chevy Silverado. We had planned on renting a mini-van to save money, but when the lovely girl at Enterprise told us we could get a truck for two dollars more per day, it became a no-brainer. Rolling up in a mini-van to meet the guys at hunting camp can give a pretty pathetic first impression. It was the best two dollars I've ever spent.

The camp and hunting land was well off the Garmin GPS, but we finally found it the old fashioned way. We rolled up, met our guide Aaron and our cameraman, Larry Beckett, and almost immediately set out to try to locate a deer.

They had spotted what Aaron called a 200-plus mule deer a few days before near the edge of a huge cornfield. The buck lived almost exclusively in this uncut corn, and unless he came out of it during legal shooting hours he would survive another year. Bucks this size in this open country surrounded by section-line roads don't get big by exposing themselves all that often.

Scott and I flipped a coin to see who would try to hunt the big mule deer in the morning. The loser would be relegated (darn!) to hunting some of the region's B&C caliber whitetails. I won, stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Jeff Johnston's Colorado Mule Deer Hunt, Day 1

Shane Jones wrote:
November 28, 2010

I hunt 12 miles north of Kit Carson and shot a 200 in. gross typical 3X4 mule deer with great mass and only 22 inches inside spread.

Charlie Johnson wrote:
December 28, 2009

Is it possible to get a nice size .jpeg picture of the mule deer walking away from the shot in the corn?