Three Forks Hunt: Aimpoint Optics

Aimpoint USA's reps were confident their company’s product would earn its spurs on mountain mule deer.

Red Dots for Hunting
Aimpoint wrote the book on red-dot sights, first for competition and then more prominently in military service. Today, hundreds of thousands of our brave U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere count on Aimpoint sights for their battle rifles.

Hunters also have had a healthy interest in Aimpoints, though the bulk of that interest has been in Europe, particularly on drive hunts where wild boar and other animals are shot on the run at close range. Where these non-magnifying optics have made inroads with U.S. hunters is as a handgun sight (both big and small game) and for mounting on turkey guns.

But for big-game work in the wide-open American West, the red-dot doesn’t get much play, and that’s why our group had assembled at Three Forks Ranch.

Aimpoint USA’s Steven Giordano and Gilbert Russell were confident their company’s product would earn its spurs on mountain mule deer, and at the same time attendees were afforded a sneak peek at a new product that will be of great interest to hunters worldwide. (At this time we are not at liberty to discuss the new product, but trust me, you will hear about it soon and NRA Media will be among the first to break the news.)

I was issued a Remington 700 in .30-06 topped by an Aimpoint Micro H-1 sight. Seen daily in coverage of the War on Terror, this high-profile unit won our coveted American Rifleman 2009 Optic of the Year Golden Bullseye Award. I loved its compactness on a hunting rifle, but admit to being a bit worried about how well I’d shoot with it at long range.

In our sight-in session it performed beautifully, helping me shoot groups under 2 moa out to 300 yards. That kind of accuracy would spell lights out when it came time to shoot a deer. Put that together with Aimpoint’s chief asset, speed in target acquisition, and a hunter sure ought to be in business.

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1 Response to Three Forks Hunt: Aimpoint Optics

Alexis wrote:
March 12, 2010

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