83 Year-Old-Woman Bags A Buck; Can Wintersteen?

Perhaps our bird-blogging buddy should take heed of this headline.

Headline: 83-year-old MN grandmother bags 8-point buck

Summary: Lois Rosenquist of Rose City, Ill., took an 8-point buck on opening day of deer season, reports KARE 11 newspaper. Rosenquist, 83, has been hunting for 66 years and prefers a 20-gauge shotgun.

Jeff’s Take: This is fabulous, and at the same time, sad. You see, it’s absolutely wonderful that Mrs. Rosenquist took a deer, and a nice one at that—heck I’ll be lucky if I can even find my gun at 83—but it is sad because my young pseudo-hunting buddy, Kyle "The Bird Dog Snob" Wintersteen, has not taken a deer at all this year. You might argue, "Well Jeff, the gun season has only been open a week so Kyle hasn’t had a chance." Or maybe, "Give him a break, Jeff. You know deer don’t decoy well over water." But this of course is pure baloney. Instead of going to the deer woods for opening day last weekend, my sources reveal that he watched some college football game of no consequence instead. No disrespect to football or to Penn State fans—who doesn’t love Paterno and those uniforms—but Mrs. Rosenquist wasn’t watching Oprah or diddling on Facebook when deer season opened. No sir, she was out in the cold hardwoods, bringing home the tenderloin, because that’s what hunters do. I guess some of us are hunters; and others are just…fans.

Recommended Gear: Coleman Quickbed with built in alarm clock; some deer scents and a grunt call from Hunter’s Specialties, a copy of "How Sportsman Saved the World" by E. Donnal Thomas Jr. (This book says nothing of how football saved the world.); and some of whatever Mrs. Rosenquist is drinking. Perhaps she’ll share it with Wintersteen.

Alternate Headline: Can Young Wintersteen Bag Any Buck?

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3 Responses to 83 Year-Old-Woman Bags A Buck; Can Wintersteen?

AdamH wrote:
December 09, 2009

The following is an actual conversation: "Wintersteen, where are you hunting on the first day of buck season this year?" "Ah, Hegg, I don't think I'm even buying a deer license this year."

KyleW wrote:
November 19, 2009

I have no good retort. It's all true. Even my girlfriend's upset. A recent quote: "Katie's boyfriend has gotten three deer already. You're not going to fill my freezer by just hunting ducks all the time and I want meat!"

MissyG wrote:
November 18, 2009

If your blog had a "like" button, I would click it. And if Wintersteen actually bags a buck, I'll skin and clean it!