Bird Hunter Expelled for Unloaded Shotgun

School security searched his vehicle despite the fact it wasn't even parked on school property.

A California high school has expelled a student for leaving an unloaded shotgun in his off-campus vehicle after a morning bird hunt. You read that correctly: The school enforced a zero commonsense tolerance policy outside school property! The incident began when gun-sniffing dogs led police to the student's vehicle.

As reported by the Chico Enterprise Record:

[The student] came out to the vehicle and said there were two shotguns and shells in the pickup. He opened his vehicle for a search, which revealed the guns on the rear seat as well as a knife with a 3-inch blade.

The kid definitely should've known better than to do what he did, even though once upon a time it was acceptable for students to take their shotguns to school. He clearly deserved to be called into the principal's office and read the riot act. Still, he wasn't a danger that morning to anything except California quail. What did it prove to expel him and thereby jeopardize any college aspirations he may have had? And isn't it a tad disturbing that the school enforced its policy on an off-campus vehicle?

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2 Responses to Bird Hunter Expelled for Unloaded Shotgun

Kyle W wrote:
February 25, 2010

Chuck, good news: The expulsion was reversed! Follow this link for more:

chuck schuler wrote:
February 24, 2010

He did not take his guns to school. if he had ammo and the guns together in one compartment then he could be wrong for that.