Best Dog/Shotgun Book Ever Written Back in Print

I welcome the return of a Gene Hill classic, “A Hunter’s Fireside Book: Tales of Dogs, Ducks, Birds & Guns.”

Blog readers, I have a confession to make: I am not nor will I ever be the writer Gene Hill was. The man is a legend and in my opinion the greatest dog and wingshooting writer of all time. Five of his books grace my library and I’m usually in the process of rereading at least two or three at any given time (most books in my collection are read once and left to collect dust).

Now, thanks to Skyhorse Publishing my favorite “Hilly” book, “A Hunter’s Fireside Book: Tales of Dogs, Ducks, Birds & Guns,” is back in print. Hill’s writing is perceptive, smart and witty. It has a certain something that writing by wannabes like myself lacks. Perhaps Jim Rikhoff put it best when he wrote that Hill “saw something in a little thing—a broken dog lead or an empty shotgun shell—the rest of us missed. And he told us about it as only he could do, and we knew something more about what happened and about ourselves, too.''

Thanks to google, you can preview the book, including one of my favorite chapters.

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