Prairie Pentathalon II

Three days, five events and Team NRA's reputation was on the line.

When I showed up in Glenrock, Wyo. for the Second annual Prairie Pentathlon it was all about winning. No second place or "thanks for coming out" would do-the NRA reputation was on the line.

Last year during the first Prairie Pentathlon, Team NRA, consisting of Chad Adams and Kyle Wintersteen, pulled out a last-minute win by scoring exceptionally well on pronghorn at extended range. This year Jim Wilson and I were tagged to uphold the NRA's honor. Jim had an emergency come up the day before the event and had to cancel, so Jonathan Harling with Winchester Ammunition stepped up to take his place.

The Prairie Pentathlon consists of five events over a three-day period. This year the events were sporting clays, a pheasant hunt, a spot-and-stalk prairie dog hunt, target shooting with double rifles and the ubiquitous pronghorn hunt. Each event is scored, and the winner is determined by the aggregate score. We had half a day to sight in the rifles we chose for the pronghorn hunt and become familiar with the shotguns; then it was off to the races. Guides and hunt areas are by random draw, so luck is also a factor.


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