Benelli's new 28-gauge

Benelli's new gun, the Legacy 28, may not be as pretty as the model used in its advertising blitz, but it's nonetheless a looker.

According to Benelli, at under five pounds the 28-gauge is the lightest semi-auto in production. Thankfully, it's a true 28-gauge (rather than a 28-gauge barrel mated with a 20-gauge receiver). I imagine it took some tweaking to get Benelli's excellent inertia action to function with 28-gauge loads, but initial testing indicates the Italian engineers pulled it off.

Legacy 28

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2 Responses to Benelli's new 28-gauge

Dave Hansen wrote:
February 26, 2010

I have hunted my Montefeltro for years and have eagerly awaited the introduction of a 28 ga. for grouse and quail. Its here!! Unfortunately it's dressed for the Prom instead of the field. I would not be comfortable taking this gun on an "anywhere-any weather" hunt. If this is to be the only version of the 28 it would seem that benelli does not believe it is a serious hunting gun. LIKE HELL! This could be one of the great small upland guns. Hopefully the workforcee is soon to follow. ie, the Montefeltro. DH

Jay Villa wrote:
February 15, 2010

I own a Montefeltro in 20 gauge, and love the shotgun. My only comment is about cost. I would have made the 28 gauge Legacy in a plain blued version, that would have been more affordable. It's to pricy for me. JV