A Howling Good Time in Gotham

The Headline: A howling good time in Gotham

The Summary: When three coyotes were spotted near Columbia University in New York City, school officials sent an email cautioning students not to approach them. And hysteria followed. The story was picked up by the Huffington Post, among others, and judging by some of reader comments after the article, most of these liberal-website-readers are very confused—and very amusing!

Jeff’s Take: Coyotes, because they are one of the world’s most adaptable animals—perhaps only second to the rat—naturally seek out new areas and food. Central Park has got to be easy living. That is, until a city slicker dials 911 and gets the cops involved. The university freaks out, and pretty soon everyone is acting like central park was a perfectly safe place to play before these wild canines moved in. But I’m not blaming the University for its pre-emptive warning. Lest we forget, it was not long ago that country singer Taylor Mitchell was killed by coyotes while she was jogging. I doubt many Columbia students have been fine-tuning their trapping skills lately. But this isn’t the first time enterprising young song-dogs have tried to hit it big on Broadway. In 2006 a coyote nicknamed Hal led cops on a wild 2-day chase complete news helicopters. Another was captured back in 1999. Which goes to show, coyotes don’t mind going into NYC for a nice meal once in a while—they just don’t like to live there. And I can’t blame them, either.

Recommended Gear: A Chevy Silverado 4x4 to get the heck out of that wild, wild place.

Alternate Headline: Coyote Dundee Enters Big Apple, Gets Taste of Jungle 

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