Road Kill Bill

The Headline: Road-kill bill introduced

The Summary: C’mon, we’ve all done it. You’ve hit a deer by accident when it galloped onto the road late at night, and, since you’re paying for your car’s damages and for the guilt of sending a poor fawn to be with Jesus, you figure that all won’t be lost if you at least make a healthy meal or two for your family with those pre-tenderized backstraps. Plus a fur toilet seat cover might just win you some points with your spouse if it matches the décor in the guestroom. But then you remember: If you even attempt to remove the wasted, bloody carcass from the shoulder of the highway and use what’s left of it for personal gain, you will be deemed a lowlife poacher—indeed a societal buzzard—and promptly arrested.

Well, Idaho state representative Dick Harwood (R-St. Maries) recently introduced a bill that would allow holders of trapping and/or hunting licenses to legally salvage meat and hides from road-killed animals.

Jeff’s Take
: I don’t know how often I’ll actually stop and shovel up a road-kill carcass if this bill passes—I guess that depends on what I’m wearing and if I’m hungry at the time—but I like having the option. And if the truth be known, last year I spent 20 days in a treestand without killing a deer. My pride is gone. The economy is in the tank and the meat locker is bare. I’ll take one anyway I can legally get one.

Gear Ideas: Dodge Ram truck to whack 'em in the front and stack 'em in the back; True North packable shovel and saw kit, for tossing bloody carcasses in the back of your trunk; Hi-country wild game seasonings to mask the slight hint of rubber on that fine-looking steak.

The CarQuote
: "I was mainly lucky, I reckon. The brakes failed and I got her with my 2003 Corolla!"

Alternate Headline: Road-Kill Bill; The Senate Version Even Disgusts Quentin Tarantino

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1 Response to Road Kill Bill

Dr Deveaux wrote:
February 26, 2010

Does that mean that all those soccer moms driving SUV's will be aiming for dinner? Lord give me strenght...