I Love Animals; They're Delicious

The Summary: In this op-ed by the long-haired, gun-totin’, game grillin’, guitar squawkin’, liberal reamin’, NRA Directin’, American rights protectin’ patriot-rocker/hunter-hero, Ted Nugent explains why SeaWorld shouldn’t be so surprised when a pent-up killer whale pulls a killer whale and kills someone.

Jeff’s Take: Rock on, brother Nuge! May the great bison not buck you from its nappy-haired hump anytime soon. But if it does, I believe a .500 S&W would likely prove more effective than the 10 mil.; granted it’ll be a hair tougher to conceal under those leather britches. Or, get really wild with the Howda Hunter, a gun used to fight off tiger charges while hunting from elephant back.

Food From Nuge:  The spirit of the mighty beasts fortify my belly and my soul.”

Recommended Gear: S&W 500 revolver; digital earplugs, as sometimes Uncle Ted, when he really gets grooving, forgets that the speakers are facing us; a bangstick for the life-loving SeaWorld killer whale trainers.

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