Legislature Approves Holiday for Browning

A Utah bill will honor John M. Browning and his 1911 pistol; we shall celebrate with 1911s blazin!

The HeadlineLegislature approves holiday for Browning 

The Summary: The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the Utah legislature, by a vote of 64-0, passed a bill to make the centennial of the day Utah native John M. Browning invented the venerable 1911 pistol an official Utah state holiday. John M. Browning Day, Jan. 24, 2011, is currently waiting the signature of Governor Gary Herbert. 

Jeff’s Take:  Whooohoooo! Yeeee Haw! Heck Yea! Boom Boom Boom with finger-guns blazin! What a splendid idea! I can hardly wait until Jan. 24 of next year. I mean with all the ridiculous holidays, here’s one freedom-loving Americans can appreciate.

I’m going to sleep in, then start the day with a bang. I think I’ll take all of my Brownings out shooting, then maybe even clean them, in remembrance of the most brilliant man ever to grace the face of the freeworld. You know what the M, in John M. Browning stands for? The Man. I think I’ll load my 1911 and fire it 100 times over, perhaps do the same with my Citori, Hi Power and even stuff my BAR to the gills with shells and pretend it’s a belt-fed instead of a deer rifle. Now I’m fending off the enemy as they charge my position on a remote island in the South Pacific. Kachow KaChow Kachow, booms the Browning as I help to free the world from communist takeover. Thank god for John Moses Browning, I shriek! More ammo! KaChow KaChow KaChow… Wait… What’s that you say? Oh yea, it's still 2010. And yes, of course, I don’t even live in Utah. And it isn’t a national holiday, so I won’t get off work. Ah, shucks.

We’ll, we can dream, can’t we? And we can remember a national hero every time we take a Browning hunting, target shooting or simply admire America for being the greatest nation in the history of the world—with the help of “The Man” and his glorious inventions.

Recommended Gear: Kimber Centennial 1911 pistol; Browning X-Bolt rifle

Alternate Headline
:  Salute to “The Man” Who Saved the World

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1 Response to Legislature Approves Holiday for Browning

- wrote:
March 18, 2010

Jeff, I'm a big fan of your blog, but not so much of the format. I liked the old list format so I could pick which entry I wanted to read. It's not that I don't want to read each and every one of your gems, it's just that it would be nice to more easily go back to an old entry, or quickly pick one I particularly want to read, or see how many I've missed since I last checked in. Any chance of bringing the list back? Keep up the good work!!