Candice Berner Killed; Wolves Suspected ...

It's and tragic (and rare) when a human is killed by a wild animal. But it's ridiculous when greenies are unable to believe it.

The Headline: Candice Berner Killed: Wolves Suspected In Death Of Alaska Teacher

The Summary: In early March, the body of jogger Candice Berner was found mauled to death by wolves near the village of Chignik Lake on the Alaska peninsula. Awaiting official DNA analysis, the Alaska state medical examiner reported that wolves were the culprits based evidence at the scene that included wolf tracks, wolf hair, and wolf bites on and around the body.  

Jeff’s Take: The story is tragic, and I in no way mean to poke fun at the deceased during this tough time for the Berner family. Wild animals, especially large carnivores such as wolves, attack on occasion ; therefore unarmed humans should be aware of the risks before venturing into the wild. But after I poked around the Internet, I came across the story on the liberal Huffington Post. I hate to plug the Huffington Post, but you’ve got to read some of the reader comments. I've included some below.

Fresh From The Huff&Puff Wolf Post

-"It's a tragedy she died, but she was not killed by wolves. The truly sad thing is that Alaska is using this woman's death to spread lies and propaganda."

-"Yeah, wolves get a bad rap, that is for sure. In the age of misinformation and misdirection, wolves are probably the most misunderstood animals on the face of the earth."

-"I feel sick when wolves are blamed for anything, much less a human death."

-"I'm sure Sarah is warming up her plane and loading her rifles as we speak."

-"It's march, could be an early risen bear. I have never heard of a wolf attack, possibility. A bear is most likely. There was one year at the AK zoo that a bear didn't hibernate."

-"At least [she should have had] a whistle, the animals don't like loud whistles."

-"I wonder if people from the village were feeding the wolves or trying to make "friends" with them."

-"A wolf does not kill another animal unless they plan to eat it. If I was in the woods and saw a wolf I would have absolutely no fear at all, the wolf would run from me and I don't carry weapons at all, just a camera. It is also possible for animals to have a mental illness just like people and do something extrordinary in response to psychosis."

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Alternate Headline: Huff&Puff Readers: Out of Touch Much?

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2 Responses to Candice Berner Killed; Wolves Suspected ...

John wrote:
April 25, 2010

Huffington Post? Sheesh, what would you expect? They make the kooks who wear tin foil hats look intelligent. The first comment is evidence of liberalism being a mental health issue! Send them all to Kodiak island for a weeks vacation. Survivors, if any, will be cured of their insanity!

Tyler Loveland wrote:
March 20, 2010

-"I wonder if people from the village were feeding the wolves or trying to make "friends" with them." Friendship with wildlife takes place after it has provided nourishment for our families.