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Don't look now, my pseudo friend Jared Allen is pushing his mullet militia into the mainstreamone giant, fierce step at a time. Last summer we caught of up with JA to chat about his thrill-seeking hunting efforts, and now comes wind of his campaign to bring his thrilling lifestyle to the masses.

The Jared Allen iPhone app is a hairy, all-American good time and a must-own for those of us who have always wondered what they'd look like with a mullet. I'm excited to see the high-impact hunting lifestyle Allen promotes in the hands of the iPhone crowd.

 Here, according to Allen's page on the iTunes Web site, is what you will find in the new app:

-History of all American flags. There's been more than one flag, so be a real American and learn all of them.

-Mullet Generator—if you're not cool enough to have a real one, add one to your own pic and send it off to all your friends.

-Pictures of me hunting and playing football (body slamming quarterbacks).

-Pictures of the mullet militia—if you have a sweet picture of yourself rocking a mulletemail it to jared@rocksoftware.com, and if it's cool enoughI'll make sure to put it on the app.

Jared also encourages users to "ask me questions and I'll try to get back to you—just make sure they aren't dumb."

Chris Littman from the Sporting News gives a pretty good preview of this party-starter of an  iPhone app.

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