Man, Family Launch Deer Hunting Competition

We all love competition. One of the most revenue-generating entertainment ventures in this country has and always will be competitive sport. The NFL brings in cash every year like Rain Man at a black jack table. Not to mention people are willing to pay money to watch other normal people play cards, fish or even bowl competitively. So, what's to say folks won't go crazy over competitive deer hunting?

That's what Greg Koch and his new venture the American Whitetail Authority will be banking on when he launches the AWA Whitetail Pro Series later this year. Koch will push family, dedication and hunting in what he calls a "deer hunting competition" when he and his family head on the road to Bass Pro Shops nationwide in the coming months.

The Kochs—Greg, his wife Kim and their children Mackenzie, 4, Tucker, 2, Samantha, and Colt, 13—will travel for two months to promote their competition and help start their search for the best 40 deer hunters in America. The actual competition will follow, with the participants using gun scopes that take a photo when a blank shot is fired.

Yep, you heard it right, no deer will be harmed in the filming of this competition. That's where this becomes more of a wildlife photography competition than a foray into hunting.

"Deer hunting competition is going to happen," Greg Koch told the Tulsa World. "It's just been a matter of time and finding the right way to do it."

Count me as a skeptic. I'd rather hunt for the joy of the sport, conservation and the meat that it provides my family. But that's just me.

While details remain sketchy on what this competition will actually mean for its participants, interested parties can fill out an application at the AWA website.

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