Guardsmen hold duck-calling contest in Kosovo

To raise moral, National Guardsmen held a duck calling contest. We just wonder what language those Baltic birds speak!

The Summary: National Guardsmen on the U.S. base Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo celebrated Memorial day by handing out duck calls and holding a duck calling contest. Army Staff Sergeant Jill Fischer reports that North Dakota Army National Guardsman Staff Sergeant Eric Anton, who likes to hunt ducks back home, led the operation, judged the contest and provided some instruction for the nearly 40 contestants.

Jeff’s Take: Anything to help the morale of our troops is a good thing in my book. It’s just too bad no shots were fired, and no Balkan birds were reported KIA. I imagine they would’ve been tasty compared to an MRE. Nonetheless it’s good to know our boys are thinking about hunting while on duty. And it’s our duty here to protect hunting rights and gun rights so they can enjoy the same country, and the same pursuits, when they get home. To honor the troops this fall, I believe I’ll break out the old SureShot duck call, call in a few mallards and fire up the grill to enjoy my success. But if AH duck blogger Kyle Wintersteen happens to tag along, we’ll likely be eating MHREs instead, given his fondness for mud hens.

The Question: Does anyone know what kind of ducks they get just north of the Mediterranean?

Recommended Gear: SureShot duck call, duck ID guide

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